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| Heather & Shawn Rosen |

Photographer: George Street Photographers
Band: Back2Life
Harpist (ceremony): Donna Cooper
Reception Hall: Mendenhall Inn Grand Ballroom
Cake: Masters Baker
Date: May 30, 2015

BM:  Tell us about your journey/love story as a couple! How did you meet? How did he (or you!) propose?
HR: Our journey began with my mom suggesting that I sign up for JDate (Jewish Dating Site) because my sister had such look with her husband. I agreed for 3 months. My mom said I wouldn't meet anyone in 3 months and to do 6. I told her if she wanted me to do this then 3 months it is. Shawn was moving back to PA from FL when he got my e mail. Since he let his subscription lapse, he had to sign up for a month to read my e mail. This was probably the first/second week in October. We began to exchange e mails and then spoke on the phone. Our first date was October 19, 2012; the subscription expired on October 31, 2012.

In March of 2013, we went to visit his parents in Merritt Island. While we were driving to the airport, he said what he misses the most about FL is the sunrise over the beach and he asked if I would like to see it the next day. I agreed, which was a good thing! ;) When we started walking on the beach, I didn't sense anything. A month and a half prior, we picked out my ring but I didn't know whether or not he got it. As we got to a perfect spot, Shawn started talking: The best part about sunrises is it's the start of a new beginning. The best part about this sunrise, is it's the start of a new beginning between us. Then he got down on one knee and said: "Heather Nicole Rosen, will you marry me?" I couldn't scream, cry, do something silly, so I did what any logical sane person would do who was getting proposed to: say yes! The best part, he began to put the ring on my finger while I still had a ring on there.

BM: How did you figure out your wedding style – was it what you thought you were going to go for, or were you surprised at what you picked (your dress, flowers, decor)? How did it come together?
HR: I always wanted the princess type of wedding. I wanted a big spectacular wedding where I was THE center of attention. As for my dress, I didn't know what I wanted so I tried all different styles. My friend went with me and she was a great critic. The second round, I brought my mom and I tried on a ballgown, which the lady at the store didn't think would work for me, but I knew then it was my dress. It took me a while to "say yes to the dress," but when I finally did, the water works came.

BM: What flowers were you drawn to? How was your appointment with Blue Moon? What ideas did you bring with you? How did you feel about your flowers after speaking to one of our designers?
HR: My friend had used Blue Moon Florist for her daughter's wedding and you came very highly recommended. I went and was very impressed with what Ami had to offer. What was great was, my favorite flowers are hyacinths and it was near the end of their season. Ami made sure that she would be able to have them for me since I loved them so dearly. We had a back up plan but she knew this is what I wanted and made it happen. I also used tulips and roses because those were two more of my favorite flowers. Ami suggested the colors contrast and since she does this for a living, I went with her suggestions. I wasn't disappointed.

BM: The day of – walk us through your emotions and the day! How did you personalize your day? What was your reaction to your flowers?
HR: When I was getting ready in my suite with my girls, Ami came and delivered the flowers. I was blown away. I thought they were exquisite. On my bouquet, I had a picture of my grandma who passed about 6 years ago. I had told my mom that I wanted to carry a picture of her and my sister was able to make that happen. You can see it in one of the close ups of my bouquet. The flowers smelled so great. When I walked down the aisle, I saw how beautifully decorated the staircase and chupah were. Then in the dining room, all of the flowers were pleasantly displayed. It was a fairy tale wedding and that's what I wanted, the fairy tale!